Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Modern technologies for municipal sewerage Re-Use

Modern Technologies for Treated Wastewater Reuse

Prefabricated (Compact) MBR and MBBR Units

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Anaerobic Waste Treatment and Energy Production

Low Operating and Maintenance Cost Biotower Triclikng Filter Installations

Flexible Prefabricated WWT Units 

Water Treatment

Expansion of capacity - Upgrades in existing WWTPs using MBBR - IFAS method

Implementation Experience of all Wastewater Treatment Methods

Own installations of 2.600 m2

More than 40 years

of succesful presence

in the WWTP sector

We provide technical support

to consultants, construction firms and contractors

Over 520 projects

Designed and Constructed by ECC

all over the world

Welcome to E.C.C..

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Our company is specialised in the design and construction, manufacture, installation and operation of wastewater treatment systems, using modern, tested and reliable technologies implemented worldwide.

Our aim is always finding the best appropriate custom made solution for each individual client's needs, optimum both technologically but also financially.

Our Company's activities

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Our company's main activities focus on the design, construction, installatio, operation and maintenance of systems of:

- Industrial or Municipal Wastewater Treatment (Mechanical, Chemical, Biological)

- Biological Water Treatment for industrial or urban use.

- Biological or Chemical Sludge Dehydration.

- Anaerobic Treatment of Organic Solids and Energy Production and Composting.

- Supply of Equipment and Spare parts.

- Supply of microorganisms for biological enchansment.

E.C.C. has extensive experience in:

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1. Extension and upgrade of existing systems, with the aim of avoiding the construction of additional tanks for :

- Adopting to the legislative requirements regarding the use of treated wastewater

- Reuse of treated wastewater according to current legislation

- Minimisation of the operational costs

- Increase of the performance of existing systems

2. Rehabilitation - Curing of problematic wastewater treatment plants

3. Technical support and follow up of the operation after the hand over of the project

Wastewater Treatment Technologies applied

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1. ECC, having a vast experience, can apply per case all the treatment technologies available, adjusted on the special requirements of each project with regard to:

- The specific wastewater effluent

- The requirements of the receiver

- The need for reuse of the treated effluent

- The available space

- The area sensitivity

- The level of automation to be applied

2. ECC has special experience in the application of treatment technologies like MBBR – MBR - Biotowers – Submerged biofilters - SBR etc. These treatment technologies are specially applied for the extention - upgrade and modernization of existing wastewater treatment plants in order to meet the increased Legislation treatment requirements.

3. ECC designs and manufactures prefabricated, packaged containerized treatment plants, for small or medium size municipal or industrial applications or worksites.


Our Company is one of the few European Companies with very big experience in wastewater treatment field. By applying case per case the optimum treatment methods and technologies, we have designed, constructed or updated wastewater treatment systems in all the categories below:


- Food industry
- Breweries and refreshments, Bottling Companies
- Wineries and alcohol producers
- Meat / Fish processing
- Bakeries
- Diaries and Cheese making factories 
- Fruit Juice and Compote industry
- Canneries
- Slaughterhouse
- Pig farms
- Cosmetics industries
- Detergents
- Pup and paper
- Chemical and Petrol industry and many others...


- Big and smaller cities
- Communities
- Hotels and Touristic resorts
- Prefabricated WWTP applications


Biogas and energy production plants for:

- High streangth industrial wastewater treatment (Breweries, Diaries etc)
- Cow / pig manure
- Municipal organic residues / leachates


- Potable water treatment solutions for Municipalilties, Communities, Hotels and smaller applications.
- Water treatment for industrial use. 


- Sludge dewatering solutions
- Sludge drying 


- Poultry dung
- Cow / Pig manure
- Other type of organic sludge


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Euro Construction Company S.A, has been certified and is operating under the International Quality Standards - ISO 9001:2015

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