The mother company, EUROMARKET SA, was established in 1978 when the construction of effluent Treatment Plants was a growing market in Greece. Being one of the few companies operating in this field, we set from the very beginning a solid base for the future expansion of our company, with the implementation of a sound Engineering approach and a strong Marketing/Management structure.

In an effort to improve the quality of the works and services offered by our Group, we established in the year 2000, the Euro Construction Company S.A (E.C.C), which is specialized on the construction of wastewater and water treatment plants as well as on the manufacturing of a wide range of relevant equipment, implementing proven and reliable technologies applied all over the world.

Since its birth, Euro Construction Company S.A, has been certified and is operating under the International Quality Standards - ISO 9001:2008 - for the Design, Construction, Installationand Maintenance of Technical Works related to:

- Wastewater Treatment
- Water Treatment
- Solid Waste Treatment
- Air Treatment

Developing our Company internationally, we have established also our subsidiaries
EuroConstruction Eurasia Ο.Ο.Ο based in Moscow Russia and
EuroConstruction Company ALBANIA Sh.p.k. operating in Tirana Albania.

Field of Activities

Our main field of activities is focused on the Design, Construction, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of :

- Industrial and Municipal Effluent Treatment Plants
- Industrial and Municipal Water Treatment Plants
- Organic Sludge Treatment
- Anaerobic Treatment of Organic Solids & Energy Production Plants
- Organic Solids Composting Plants

Euro Construction Company can additionally offer the following professional services:

- Improvement and upgrading of existing installations
- Troubleshooting and restoration of problematic plants
- Follow up and support of the good operation after the delivery

Our Targets

Continuous target of our Group is to provide projects and services of high quality, to the complete satisfaction of the needs of our customer, through continuous development and application of all advanced technologies in our field.

What we offer

The combination of the importation of basic equipment from our company EUROMARKET LTD, which exclusively represents the best known equipment manufacturing Houses, together with the construction of all special equipment from Euro Construction Company S.A, ensures our capacity to provide very competitive solutions.
Thanks to our high technical knowledge, the experience of our scientific personnel as well as our capability for small scale pilot plants, we are able to provide unique, flexible, custom made and competitive solutions, to all your environmental protection needs.

In every case, our primary target is to meet the required treatment results with the minimum possible running costs, complemented by the simplicity of the operation. Our great experience in the design and construction of the project, is the warrantee for our successful and trouble-free projects.

Our scientific personnel cover all the necessary specialties while our skilled and experienced Technicians always work under the supervision of our Engineers. The continues investment in new technologies as well as the use of the information taken from our existing plants, are the keys of our successful applications.

How we work

All our projects are prepared in detailed with complete sets of drawings and full information on the equipment characteristics. Where necessary, we also provide the relative Project Study in order to be delivered to the local Authorities During the construction phase, we follow closely the civil engineering works, so to ensure the correct application of our drawings.

Our project engineer is supervising always our Technical department, so to ensure the high quality standards for the project.

Following the completion of the installation, the equipment are tested for a short period of time and finally the plant is delivered complete to the customer.

The customer receives analytical operation and maintenance manuals, spare parts lists and all the relevant documentation, while his signified personnel receives a complete training on the operation of the plant. Our company remains close to the customer and is always available for technical advice and support.

After Sales Service

Our company provides excellent after-sales services for our customers:

-  Follow up on the good operation of the plant with periodic visits
-  Continues training of the operators and engineers of the customer
-  Provide instructions on the service and maintenance of the equipment
-  Support with the relevant Public Authorities, when needed


Our reference list covers more than four hundred seventy (470) projects fully designed and commissioned by us (study - design - construction) and is available if/when requested.

During all these years we have extended our activities to the foreign markets and have been awarded a number of projects mainly on industrial applications in European and Balkan countries (Poland, Rumania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania), Russia, Arab Countries (Jordan) and Africa (Nigeria, Rwanda).

Our company can provide Good Delivery Certificates from our customers, for any of our projects, which are available if/when requested.

Η EuroConstruction Company έχει πιστοποιηθεί και λειτουργεί σύμφωνα με το Διεθνές Ποιοτικό Πρότυπο - ISO 9001:2015

"Η εμπειρία μας στη διάθεση των πελατών μας"

EuroConstructionCompany S.A.


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